You’re the ambitious leader of a fast-growing business.

Your company culture has developed organically as your business has grown.

Business is booming and everything’s going great, but you need to meet high growth targets and they feel out of reach.

You’ve read about the impact of a strong company culture. You know it’s so much more than office slides, beanbags and free granola, but you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck and don’t know where to start to make things better.

“Workplace culture has never been more important to business success than today.  It is not a soft option.  It is not a nice to have, it provides the vital adjunct to your business strategy & ambition.”

Breathe’s Culture Economy Report, 2020


You’re struggling to recruit and retain great people.

Amongst your existing employees, happiness + productivity levels are lower than you’d like, and you’re spending too much time firefighting.

You want more engaged and productive employees so you have happier clients and a competitive advantage in your market.

You’re ready to be proactive + think outside the traditional (often outdated) HR box of tricks.

It’s time to identify and resolve the root cause of your issues: your culture.


We’re a boutique Workplace Culture, Employee Engagement and Employee Experience consultancy.
We help businesses just like yours to develop and entrench a company culture that delivers


Did you know?

“Nearly 4 in 5 employees and job seekers would consider a company’s mission (80%) and culture (77%) before applying for a job there.”

– Glassdoor’s 2019 Mission & Culture Survey


Culture is the character & personality of your business.

Your organisation’s culture combines company values, beliefs, expectations, work atmosphere and environment, as well as the way that you think, interact and behave. It impacts on your employees, clients and suppliers; and the best thing about it is that it’s completely within your control. When your company culture and business strategy are aligned, success follows. Equally, when your employees feel a personal connection to your company culture, they will be happier, healthier, more engaged and more productive.

At Culture Chameleon, we work with our clients to achieve this winning combination.


We don't automatically accept the status quo. We know that success lies in looking at how things are done, then asking "Why?", to transform the future.


If shifting culture is a journey, we thrive on the adventure. We have the courage to see it through its twists + turns + the drive + determination to deliver game-changing results.


We thoughtfully work with what's already there. By unpicking it + having fun with it, we can re-imagine it, to make it the best version of itself.

Looking for Competitive Advantage?




Thanks so much for everything that you’ve done for us. You’ve completely transformed the business and been amazingly supportive – I’m not sure how I would have got here without you!

Cheryl Luzet
Managing Director / Wagada

Her professionalism, forward thinking approach and openness to what I wanted to achieve were exactly what I wanted and needed. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough and look forward to working with her more as the barefoot accountant grows.

Ele Stevens
Director / The Barefoot Accountant

Laura understands what sort of culture we need to attract, retain and develop talent within an organisation likes ours that is going through a period of significant change.

Jonny Combe
CEO / PayByPhone UK

Laura’s creativity has given us confidence in our ability to affect the processes that in the past have failed us. All in a way that suits us as a company.

Sian Buchanan
Director / Absolute Performance

Laura was a huge asset to us. She quickly identified the areas that we needed to develop in and wasn’t afraid to give us tough feedback where necessary. Notwithstanding this, she quickly built up strong relationships and established trust with both my leadership team and all other employees.

Andrew McCutcheon
Founder & CEO / MNC

Laura is a great person to work with. She has a direct approach which immediately makes you feel that you can trust her to deliver on time and on budget, which she certainly did.

Melanie Hawman
CEO / The Disability Resource Centre

Laura…can enhance the culture of an organisation to make it positive and productive. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to create a positive working environment.


Cheryl Luzet
Managing Director / Wagada

If culture is key to commercial success, then Laura is someone who understands that and can be a key player in turning a high performing culture into a reality. Laura is positive, people focused and professional in how she conducts herself which makes her a pleasure to work with.

Jonny Combe
CEO / PayByPhone UK

Laura Lewis…has been friendly, approachable and above all professional. [She] put our company and our goals first and never failed to deliver, in a style bespoke to us. Thank you!

Sian Buchanan
Director / Absolute Performance