Our Vision for the global workforce is a life enriched by work.


We don’t automatically accept the status quo. We know that success lies in looking at how things are done, then asking “Why?”, to transform the future.


If shifting culture is a journey, we thrive on the adventure. We have the courage to see it through its twists and turns and the drive and determination to deliver game-changing results.


We thoughtfully work with what’s already there. By unpicking it and having fun with it, we can re-imagine it, to make it the best version of itself.

We exist to make work great.

We’re on a mission to improve the world of work and the lives of the people in it. To help businesses be the best version of themselves by putting their people first, being who they say they are and giving back to the world. Because if you make work great, great work follows.

Culture Business Case

The Right Fit.

We live in a time where what a business stands for is more important than ever. We firmly believe in practicing what we preach, so we’re totally driven by our Values and Purpose. This means that we’re not for every organisation and every organisation’s not for us.

We’d love to work with you if:

✅ You’re a down-to-earth, forward-thinking, ambitious CEO / Founder / Co-Founder or MD who’s open to fresh ideas, a different approach and being challenged

✅ Our Values strike a chord

✅ Our Purpose does too – you’re serious about putting your people first and making your company’s culture its point of difference

✅ You’d welcome expert support and advice to help you continue to…


Make Work Great.

“Corporate Culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that’s completely within the control of the entrepreneur.”

David Cummings, Co-Founder, Pardot

Would you like to

Make Work Great? 


What do our clients have to say?

Thank you so much, Laura!  Following our rebrand, you have been absolutely key in helping us to start to define and showcase the strong culture that we have at EIC.  From helping us to identify our company Values, to launching these in a way that ensured understanding, buy-in, and commitment from the team (and a lot of fun!), to working with us to create easy to use, repeatable, Values-based Onboarding, Induction, Attraction and Selection processes, your support and creativity has been so very appreciated.

We can’t wait to see what you produce next as we continue our culture journey!


Michelle Lee
Operations Manager / EIC Insurance Services

From the first introductory meeting and throughout the process of developing and affirming our company values, Culture Chameleon have been intuitive, flexible, honest and inspirational. Laura and Caroline’s structured and experienced approach put our team very much in the drivers seat of the process, giving us control over the direction and aspirations of the Absolute Performance company culture.

We can’t wait to see our new values making a difference as we proudly wear them and live them as a team.


Mark Hedley
Marketing Manager / Absolute Performance

The journey on the way to discovering MM’s Values with Culture Chameleon was as satisfying as the destination.  The team at CC were…

~ Careful with my feelings – this running your own business lark is very personal

~ Challenging – in a good way

~ Creative – their language and approach made it a very bespoke experience

~ Committed – it had to be 100% authentically My Mustard and they were as driven as I was.


June Cory
Owner / My Mustard

It was essential that as the CEO I understood how the team were feeling, to ensure we were building solid foundations for growth. The process of gathering feedback was hugely beneficial in itself, as it gave my team the opportunity to talk about what they loved about Rothamsted and areas we could improve. They felt invested in and knew we were listening. The…subsequent report…provided clear recommendations that we could implement when the time was right for the business.

Nicole Sadd
CEO / Rothamsted Enterprises

Working with Laura and Caroline (the Chameleons!) has been such a pleasure – most simply because they ‘get us’ and our company and what we wanted to achieve. They’ve succeeded in bringing our company culture and values to life, creating a buzz of excitement that is so rewarding as a company owner. They’ve been supportive with their guidance throughout the process and we are looking forward to the next steps on our ‘culture journey.

Sian Buchanan
Director / Absolute Performance

When we were looking for support to develop our company values, Culture Chameleon were highly recommended by several contacts.  Initially we thought we would just be refining the values we already had, but it soon became clear that we needed to start from scratch.  The company had evolved considerably since the values were first written, and with the recent growth of the team, it was important to ensure the process was inclusive and engaging for everyone at Square Mile.  Laura and Caroline took us through their process, which was thorough and very insightful.  It was a great way to engage the whole team and give everyone an opportunity to shape the values.  Laura and Caroline are both a pleasure to work with.  They are down-to-earth, professional and have a talent for facilitating discussions. We’re now in the process of embedding the values into everything we do, using them as a compass to guide our decisions and underpin our next chapter of growth. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Culture Chameleon.

Thank you 😊

Karen De Silva
Head of Growth / Square Mile

Wowser! Laura thank you so much for the People & Culture Health-check, I am a little bit blown away.  When you explained how it would work I imagined it would take the temperature of the team after the tumultuous five months we have shared and highlight areas for development and celebration. But it is much MUCH more.  How you have made anonymous survey data so revealing is a mystery and the insight, context and narrative was remarkably smart.  Overwhelmed in a good way is how I feel after reading, rereading and absorbing the eighteen page report – comprehensive and discerning in equal measure.  Well worth every penny and the eight core areas you identified will formulate the next six months people project which I’d be delighted if you could facilitate for us.

June Cory
Owner / My Mustard

We cannot thank you enough, Culture Chameleon.  Your work with us has been key to us starting drive our business to next level and taking our employees with us on the journey.  Your ability to get under the skin of the way that we do things and offer support and solutions tailored to our business really is game-changing.

Tracy McIvor
Director / C2 Group

Thanks so much for everything that you’ve done for us. You’ve completely transformed the business and been amazingly supportive – I’m not sure how I would have got here without you!

Cheryl Luzet
Managing Director / Wagada

Her professionalism, forward thinking approach and openness to what I wanted to achieve were exactly what I wanted and needed. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough and look forward to working with her more as the barefoot accountant grows.

Ele Stevens
Director / The Barefoot Accountant

Laura understands what sort of culture we need to attract, retain and develop talent within an organisation likes ours that is going through a period of significant change.

Jonny Combe
CEO / PayByPhone UK

Laura was a huge asset to us. She quickly identified the areas that we needed to develop in and wasn’t afraid to give us tough feedback where necessary. Notwithstanding this, she quickly built up strong relationships and established trust with both my leadership team and all other employees.

Andrew McCutcheon
Founder & CEO / MNC

Laura is a great person to work with. She has a direct approach which immediately makes you feel that you can trust her to deliver on time and on budget, which she certainly did.

Melanie Hawman
CEO / The Disability Resource Centre

Laura…can enhance the culture of an organisation to make it positive and productive. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to create a positive working environment.


Cheryl Luzet
Managing Director / Wagada

If culture is key to commercial success, then Laura is someone who understands that and can be a key player in turning a high performing culture into a reality. Laura is positive, people focused and professional in how she conducts herself which makes her a pleasure to work with.

Jonny Combe
CEO / PayByPhone UK