“The pandemic unquestionably will have lasting effects on corporate cultures. There’s a growing sense it’s a fundamental shift, a new normal.”

~ Chuck Crumpton, Founder + CEO, global consulting firm

COVID-19 + our ever-intensifying VUCA business world are a worrying backdrop for business. You want to attract world class talent. You want to improve employee engagement, + in turn productivity, performance + profitability. You want to continue to thrive no matter what life throws at your business. But how?

This is an easy one to answer. The secret to stability in chaos, to thriving under pressure + to having a blueprint for the future is both a strong purpose + culture. (For a reminder of why, check this out.)

How can you grapple with the global + local challenges facing your team if your culture isn’t ready for it? I can tell you; you’ll be facing an uphill struggle, + one which could have deleterious effect on your business. As Bill Taylor, Co-Founder + Founding Editor of Fast Company says, “You can’t do something special in the marketplace unless you first build something special in the workplace.”

Here are some sobering statistics for you.

• 21% of British employees have quit a job due to the workplace culture – a figure that’s on a par with salary as a driver of voluntary departures (Breathe’s Culture Economy Report 2020)

• 36% of Londoners have left a job due to poor company culture (Breathe’s Culture Economy Report 2020)

• 85% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work (Gallup Workplace report 2019)

So how do you find out the strength of your culture + if you’re strong enough thrive in these uncertain times? You can start by asking yourself – + your team – the following questions:

Is the why – purpose – of your organisation clear + relevant to today’s world?

• Do your purpose, vision + values meet the new needs of your organisation?

• Does your company’s purpose give your employees meaning through their work?

• What’s the mindset of your organisation – fixed or growth?

Alternatively, if you’d like an in-depth review of your company’s culture, please get in touch to find out more about our People + Culture Health-check.