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As an HR professional, CEO or business owner, it’s easy to be so immersed in the day-to-day running of the business that you don’t have the headspace to think about things like how a clear, aligned culture can contribute towards its success.

Our business culture workshops are designed with you in mind. They’re time out to learn, reflect, consider, share + discuss – a kickstart to get culture (back) on the agenda.

You might consider coming along to one of our workshops, or running one in house if:

  • You’ve read about how company business culture can be a game-changer + would like to hear more;
  • Your business is growing quickly, but you feel that you’re giving mixed messages to your employees and customers;
  • Your business has high growth targets that feel out of reach, given the way that you currently do things;
  • You really value the people you employ + would like to offer them the best employee experience possible to keep them;
  • You’re struggling with people issues + would like to get to the root cause of these;
  • You’d like to see what’s on offer outside of traditional HR solutions;
  • You’d like to connect with, + learn from the personal experiences of like-minded people.

“Thank you, Laura, for a fantastic couple of hours helping our team define our company Values”. (Tracy McIvor, Director, C2 Group)


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