“Workplace culture has never been more important to business success than today. It is not a soft option. It is not a nice to have. It provides the vital adjunct to your business strategy and ambition.”

Breathe’s Culture Economy Report, 2020

The landscape is shifting and it’s becoming harder and harder for businesses to stay on their feet. There’s now a palpable sense of urgency; a need to be nimble, flexible and prepared for whatever’s coming next. We can’t take anything for granted anymore.

Amongst this confusing maelstrom, you know that your employees want to work for an employer they’re proud to represent, and your customers and clients want to feel proud of working with you. It’s not about brand recognition, but their Values being congruent with your company ethos. If they don’t trust you, it’s game over.

To weather the storm, your business needs to be built on strong foundations: the Power Pillars of your Values, Vision and Why.

But what does your business stand for? What makes it stand out? And how can you reboot, refocus, strengthen and build your business in these challenging times?

It’s time for a wake-up call. It’s time to stand up for what your business believes in, boost your bottom line, find your competitive advantage and go for high growth.

Sounds good doesn’t it? But you don’t have the time or the head-space to do this right now and you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve devised the GAME CHANGER PROGRAMME.




Build firm foundations with your ‘Power Pillars’

Create the framework to:

  • Be the best business you can be – even during challenging times.
  • Make the right business decisions easily – even in an ever-changing market.
  • Be agile – adapt & evolve your business at speed.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Form a highly productive, united, focused & motivated team – even when working remotely.



Your Employee Experience (EX) & Employee Engagement (EE)

Benefit from:

  • Understanding the direct link between EX, EE and a stronger, more successful business.
  • Seeing how a great EX can help you stand out from the competition.
  • Gaining clarity around the risk areas within your current EX.
  • The insight & tools necessary to improve your EX & EE exponentially.



Feel in control again

Be at the top of your game with:

  • The knowledge, tools and techniques to make your Power Pillars a game-changing anchor for your business.
  • A strong, clearly defined, aligned and embedded culture.
  • Less fire-fighting – engaged employees and a direct increase in commercial success.
  • The ability to be the best – storm or no storm.



Your Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand

Say “Hello” to:

  • Being THE company to work for.
  • Attracting the ‘right’ people for your business.
  • A queue of top talent waiting in the wings to work for you.

Say “Goodbye” to:

  • Wasting time and money through panic hiring.
  • Hiring the wrong people.
  • Lengthy, costly performance management processes.

1 Zoom* Workshop + 3.5 hours' consultancy


4 Zoom* Workshops + 14 hours' consultancy


4 Zoom* Workshops + P&C Health-check + 14 hours' consultancy


* Costs will vary when the programme is run solely for one business, with multiple attendees.


    I am interested in the following workshops (Please check all that apply):

    As an in-house HR professional, CEO or business owner, it’s easy to be so immersed in the day-to-day running of the business that you don’t have the head space to think about things like how a strong, fully embedded culture can contribute towards its success.

    Our workshops are designed with you in mind. They’re time out to learn, reflect, consider, share + discuss – a kick start to driving your business forward.

    You might consider coming along to one of our workshops, or running one in house if:

    • You’ve read about how company culture can be a game-changer + would like to hear more;
    • Your business is growing quickly, but you feel that you’re giving mixed messages to your employees and customers;
    • Your business has high growth targets that feel out of reach, given the way that you currently do things;
    • You really value the people you employ + would like to offer them the best employee experience possible to keep them;
    • You’re struggling with people issues + would like to get to the root cause of these;
    • You’d like to see what’s on offer outside of traditional HR solutions;
    • You’d like to connect with, + learn from the personal experiences of like-minded people.

    “Thank you, Laura, for a fantastic couple of hours helping our team define our company Values”. (Tracy McIvor, Director, C2 Group)


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