Power-up Your Business

For businesses that truly aspire to Make Work Great. Make Great Work, we don’t want budget to get in the way. So, we’ve created our Power Hours.


You may be really passionate about creating a great place to work, but you don’t have the budget for regular support. Or, you may have a one-off challenge that you’d like support with.

By combining mentoring and gentle ‘holding the mirror up’, a Power Hour will provide focused time to discuss any challenge, idea or concern that you may have around your business’ culture, the employee experience you offer, or your employee engagement levels.


A challenge shared is a challenge overcome. A Power Hour will give you the clarity and confidence to move forward to resolve any issue you are facing.

After the session, so that you’re clear on what you need to do next, we’ll follow up with a summary of key actions.

That way, you can start to power up your business straightaway by putting in place what we’ve talked about immediately.

Powering out of the Pandemic

The impact of the Pandemic on the world of work has been huge. We know that returning to ‘normal’ isn’t going to be as easy as simply opening up the office. You may use a Power Hour to get some support with the following challenges:

Getting ahead before Lockdown ends

  • “I can see the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel and I’d like to get my ducks in a row for when it ends, but I don’t know where to start.”
  • “I’d like to accelerate out of 2020 with a much stronger business.”
  • “People don’t want to go back to working permanently from the office. How can I set up hybrid working for success?”
  • “Productivity’s dropped whilst people have been working remotely. How can I address this?

Supporting furlough returners or redundancy survivors

  • “Those on furlough have been out of the business for so long. How can I best support them as they return to work?”
  • “The employees who haven’t been on furlough are resentful of those who have. How can I overcome this?”
  • “Employees who haven’t been made redundant are feeling ‘survivor’s guilt’. How can I help them?”

Supporting a disconnected / disengaged team

  • “My team are so disconnected / disengaged. I need to find a way for them to reconnect after so many months apart.”

Creating Purpose

  • “The Pandemic has left me feeling that the work I do is meaningless. I need to feel like I’m giving something back to the greater good.”

Powering forward with other challenges

Being a leader can be a lonely place. A Power Hour offers you the opportunity to offload and get a second opinion, or power forward with a people and culture challenge that’s been sitting on your To Do list for too long. You may find some of the following challenges familiar:

Making a strong business even stronger

  • “Business is going well, but I’d like to have someone I can turn to for trusted advice as and when I need it.”
  • “Our people seem happy and I think our culture’s pretty strong, but I think we could make more of this if we know how.”
  • “We really value our people and we’d like to offer them the best employee experience possible, so that they stick around.”
  • “The business is growing, but sometimes I feel we give mixed messages to our employees and customers.”

Values, Vision, Purpose

  • “We’ve started to work on our Values, Vision and Purpose, but we need help bringing them off the wall and into everything we do as a business.”

People Issues

  • “We’re struggling with people problems and we’d like to get to the root cause of these.”
  • “We’re struggling to attract and keep the right people for our business.”

Ad hoc Power Hour


Series of 6 Power Hours


Whatever your situation, a Power Hour will help you to move forward with confidence.

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