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“We’re so passionate about the power of culture as a business game-changer that we want what we do to be accessible to all.  So, we’ve created our Power Hours”



Each hour-long session provides focused time to discuss any challenge, idea or concern that you may have around your people and culture.  You decide the focus, we provide the expertise.


After the session, so that you’re clear on what you need to do next, we’ll follow up with a summary of key actions.  That way you can start putting in place what we’ve talked about straightaway.

You’ll find a Power Hour useful if:

  • Your employees seem happy and you think you have a strong culture, but you know you could make much more of it, if only you knew how. 
  • You’ve started to work on your Values, Vision and Purpose, but you need help bringing them off the wall and into everything you do as a business. 
  • Your business is growing, but you feel that you’re giving mixed messages to your employees and customers.
  • You really value your people and would like to offer them the best employee experience possible, so that they stick around.
  • You’re struggling with people problems and would like to get to the root cause of these.
  • You’re struggling to attract and keep the right people for your business.
  • You feel that your team is disconnected and disengaged as a result of working remotely.

Whatever your situation, a Power Hour will help you to get unstuck and start moving forward with confidence
all for an investment of just £99

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