If you’re having sleepless nights about growing pains and people problems, you’re constantly firefighting and employee happiness levels and productivity are plummeting, your company culture could be the culprit. Equally, if everything’s going great but your high growth targets feel insurmountable, an authentic, well-defined and fully aligned company culture will help you reach your goals.

All our clients start from different points on the culture journey and have different pathways to follow, so we don’t have set prices.
The first stage of our work is to understand your business, strategy and current culture through our People & Culture Health Check. This is a detailed snapshot of where your business is and where you should focus in the future.
That depends on the size of your business, your starting point and the scope of work that needs to be done. When’s the best time to start? Now.
We always measure cultural temperature at the start and at various points along the way. We’ll asses how best to do this, and the right tools to use, depending on your particular circumstances.

It doesn’t matter what your organisation does, or the size of your team. It’s about mindset, drive and determination. If you understand that culture is the key to business performance, and you have the desire and tenacity to weather the ups and downs that you’ll experience on your culture journey, then we’d love to help you.

Yes. We’ve seen it time and time again. Our culture consultancy services can revolutionise your business, if you’re open-minded to learning, changing and working at it.

If you think about it, organisational culture is made up of everything that your business does both formally and informally; from your company Values and the words on your website, to the way employees make decisions and behave. If one element of this is inconsistent, problems can (and will) arise. Equally, if there’s a mismatch between your culture and where your organisation’s headed, delivering on the strategy will be like pushing water uphill. We help our clients to align all elements of their culture and their strategy. We call it getting your ducks in a row.

Once we’ve got to know you, we’ll work with you to understand what it means to work for your company (your Employer Brand). We’ll then show you how you can communicate this to prospective employees; the idea being that the right people, those for whom your culture naturally resonates, will be attracted to work for you.

We can also help you boost recruitment efficiency and cut costs by ensuring that the culture that attracts people to work for you also plays out when they’re come on board. To find out more, please contact us.

We’ll start by unpicking why this might be. Based on what we discover, we’ll then make recommendations around how we can change this and stop it from happening. We’re here to help you with culture-aligned ways of managing and developing your people. Of course, our starting point will always be to help you attract the right people to work for you in the first place.

Definitely! Here at Culture Chameleon we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. We are Curious, Creative and Courageous, say a confident “NO THANKS” to traditional, often outdated, HR practices and have an approach which is as innovative as it is game-changing. Want to know more about how we’ll help you to manage people in a way that fits in with your culture? Please contact us.

Yes. We can help you define a strong, aligned culture that will enable you to drive your business strategy. Once you’re clear about who you are as a business, you’ll find it easier to attract the right people. They’ll be happy, engaged, productive and stay with you for longer. Hey presto – fewer people issues.

Yes, we can. As a boutique Workplace Culture, Employee Engagement and Employee Experience consultancy, we help businesses just like yours to develop and entrench a company culture that delivers game-changing results. Of course, to do this, we need to know what your Values are, as well as understanding your Vision and Why you’re in business. For more information on our Company Values, Why  and Vision workshops, please contact us.


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