“Thank you so much for the People & Culture Health Check, I am a little bit blown away. Overwhelmed in a good way is how I feel after reading the report – comprehensive and discerning in equal measure. Well worth every penny and the core areas you identified will formulate the next six months people project which I’d be delighted if you could facilitate for us.” (June Cory, Owner, My Mustard)

Our Health Check is for leaders who are truly committed to creating a stand-out culture and who are ready to face the facts around where their business is on that journey.

You may think you know the areas you need to work on to Make Work Great, but until we’ve completed a Health Check, these are simply assumptions.

So, we’ll always start by establishing the facts.

Our Health Check provides an independent and detailed review of your business’ existing company culture, the employee experience you offer and your employee engagement levels. It also gives recommendations on areas to focus on to move forward successfully.


By the end of the process, you’ll be fully armed with all the information you need to Make Work Great.

“It was essential that as the CEO I understood how the team were feeling, to ensure we were building solid foundations for growth. The process of gathering feedback was hugely beneficial in itself, as it gave my team the opportunity to talk about what they loved about Rothamsted and areas we could improve. They felt invested in and knew we were listening. The…subsequent report…provided clear recommendations that we could implement when the time was right for the business.”

(Nicole Sadd, CEO / Rothamsted Enterprises)

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