Keeping teams connected, whilst apart

A Toolkit for Connection & Clarity

The Connection Injection gives leaders a high impact, easy-to-use framework to follow to improve team effectiveness and boost morale whilst working remotely and beyond.

“The ‘Connection Injection Workshop’…provoked conversation, thinking and action. This enabled the senior managers to share honest feedback … and to create a definitive plan around how we can work together as a connected team…

…The initial session with the leadership team was a resounding success, resulting in a renewed sense of connection and excitement about the future. An added benefit is that we now have access to the Connection Injection toolkit and are aiming to run the workshop again with all of the Rothamsted Enterprises team to really kick 2021 off with a bang!”

Nicole Sadd, CEO Rothamsted Enterprises

How has remote working impacted your business?

#1. Demotivated employees

#2. Results


#3. Service levels


Reconnect your team now to return to the top of your game

Business Benefits

  • A high impact, low complexity, results-focused solution to help teams perform at their best no matter where they work from
  • Reinforces the right behaviours and actions to support a connected, high-performing, highly engaged, agile team
  • Rapid insight for new employees around the ‘hidden’ aspects of culture, resulting in effective team integration
  • The tools to be seen as a ‘leader with a plan,’ providing the certainty needed during these uncertain times.

How does the Remote Working Connection Injection work?

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