Our Story


Hi. I’m Laura Lewis

I founded Culture Chameleon in 2019.

I’d worked in corporate HR since 2002 and been running my own HR Consultancy since 2015. So I’d seen first hand the measurable impact that a strong, fully embedded culture has on making work great and, as a result, making great work.

I loved seeing how, by taking culture beyond the cliched office ping pong table and beanbags and working with clients from the bottom up – helping them to define their Values, Vision and Purpose and then weaving these through every moment that matters to their employees – engagement and productivity levels soared. And in turn, so did the business’ bottom line. Happy employee, happy customer.

By practicing what we preach, Culture Chameleon’s now a growing team of Workplace Culture, Employee Experience and Employee Engagement experts.


Hi. I’m Caroline Birch

My mission is to support leaders with creating high performing, authentic and sustainable businesses. I recognise that in today’s disrupted world, human connection and making a positive impact on wider society is becoming increasingly important to us as individuals, employees and consumers.

As an Associate, I work closely with business leaders to develop people-centred strategies that create an emotional connection between the company and its people. As a result, they feel energised, deliver awesome work, become the company’s biggest advocates and are inspired to drive the organisation to its highest level.

“Thanks so much for everything that you’ve done for us. You’ve completely transformed the business and been amazingly supportive – I’m not sure how I would have got here without you!”

Cheryl Luzet – Wagada

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