Hi. We’re Laura Lewis and Caroline Birch

In a nutshell

We won’t take up your time wading through our potted history, but save to say that we’ve both been around the workplace block a few times. And we’ve experienced lots of different cultures along the way. None of them good or bad. All of them ‘right’ for someone, but not for everyone.

And what we’ve learnt as a result is that when people find the ‘right’ culture for them, one that offers them an environment in which they can be themselves, and do their best work, that is when they truly engage. That is when, safe in the feeling of belonging, they are motivated to contribute to organisational success.

That is when the magic happens!

So, Culture Chameleon was founded by Laura in 2019 to help every Founder, CEO, MD (call yourselves what you will) to bottle that – for the good of their business, themselves and everyone who works with them. Caroline joined as an Associate in 2020.

Our style?

Well, we’re all in. We’re part of the team. We’re riding shotgun for as long as each client needs us. We take each culture VERY seriously, but by building great relationships, digging deep together, soul searching together, creating together, and laughing (a lot) together, we enable every client to seriously enjoy the journey that we take them on. And as far as we’re concerned that is a privilege.

“Thanks so much for everything that you’ve done for us. You’ve completely transformed the business and been amazingly supportive – I’m not sure how I would have got here without you!”

Cheryl Luzet – Wagada

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